IMPACC : No-Lost-time

        Preventing workplace musculoskeletal disorders


Teaching workplaces how to eliminate risks for soft tissue MSD:

        ...tendinitis, rotator cuff, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, low back pain

        ...reducing ‘ergonomics’ injuries and their costs

Reducing injuries..  Work Comp claims..  Worker Comp COSTS.

Including... Age*Less... the ‘AGING Worker’ wellness program

We have provided this program at more than 600 workplaces...

          reducing MSD claims by  70 percent !

 Success... since 1982


dr. Lauren Hebert, DPT, OCS

         Doctor of Physical Therapy

         Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

          Prevention & Ergonomics Specialist

The PHYSICAL THERAPIST is the MOST expert trained

professional for addressing workplace MSD...

......  overuse tendinitis

......  low back disorders

......  the Aging worker

We TEACH you how to reduce your MSD claims & costs.

One of America’s

MOST experienced

soft tissue disorder

prevention programs

Lauren Hebert, DPT

592 Common Rd

Dixfield, ME  04224


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